The tooth cavity is extracted

Complete restoration of the extracted tooth takes two months. The best alternative to a tooth extraction is an implant. And the best time to place an implant is two months.

Types of dental replacement methods

There are several ways to replace a missing tooth;

  1. Bridge; It is a fixed prosthesis. A bridge means a bridge, consisting of at least three veneers that are covered to replace a missing tooth with two side teeth, and the missing tooth veneer is attached to the lateral veneer.
  2. implant ; It is a fixed prosthesis, which means a tooth implant. In this type of prosthesis, the root of the missing tooth is replaced by a metal made of titanium.
  3. Dentures ; It is a type of removable prosthesis, in this type of prosthesis, all maxillary or mandibular teeth are replaced by this type of removable prosthesis.
  4. Partial prosthesis; It is a kind of removable prosthesis; This type of prosthesis is a part of a denture in which a number of missing teeth of a jaw are replaced. Other names for this prosthesis; A removable denture is a partial denture denture.
  5. Cobalt chrome prosthesis; It is a partial prosthesis in which chromium cobalt metal is used in its structure to increase the strength of the prosthesis. Another name for this prosthesis is a movable metal tooth.
  6. Overdenture; It is a kind of removable prosthesis. This prosthesis is a combination of artificial teeth and implants. In this prosthesis, artificial teeth are mounted on two to five implants. And the looseness of dentures is greatly reduced by these implants.
  7. Tooth flipper; It is a kind of removable prosthesis. A partial denture is called a filler. In fact, it is a single moving tooth.
  8. Temporary dental prosthesis; It is a type of prosthesis that is used until a permanent prosthesis is prepared. This prosthesis can be a veneer or a partial prosthesis or a prosthetic denture.

Jelly dental prosthesis; A denture or partial tooth under which a soft gum is used, this type of prosthesis may initially reduce the wear of the denture, but the lifespan of this prosthesis is shorter than other prostheses and is generally recommended for temporary treatments.

Implants are the best replacement for missing teeth


Complications of dental cavities

Tooth cavities cause the worst and most severe damage to your face and health, but because the damage progresses so slowly, people do not notice these injuries.

  • The other teeth are bent towards the hollow of the extracted tooth.
  • The bone in the area of ​​the extracted tooth decays and leads to a dimple.
  • Other teeth suffer from severe caries due to displacement and opening of the interdental spaces.
  • Damage to the gastrointestinal tract and cardiovascular system.
  • Severe dental disorder is caused by tooth displacement.

The gap of the wisdom tooth is extracted

When will the gap between the extracted teeth get better? The gap of the extracted wisdom tooth is repaired within two months and it is better not to chew food on that side of the extracted tooth during this period.

The best tooth replacement

The best alternative is an implant tooth. Because in addition to replacing lost teeth, it preserves bone.

No teeth

Lack of permanent teeth leads to irreversible complications. In paragraph 3 of this text, these complications are mentioned.

What is laminate? what is composite?

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