Please read the following carefully several times to prevent problems and complications of treatment and experience excellent treatment.

  1. It is normal to have blood in the mouth up to one day after scaling and brushing. To prevent and eliminate it, observe the following:
  • Do not spit and drain your saliva gently and swallow as much as possible.
  • Do not eat hot drinks or food.
  1. Do not eat food for two hours and do not press your teeth together and strictly avoid chewing food until the numbness is completely gone, because due to numbness, there is a possibility of biting the tongue and lips and causing severe wounds.
  2. For up to 48 hours, avoid eating colored substances such as coffee, tea, soft drinks, puffs, lavashka, etc., as well as smoking (use nicotine label in case of severe dependence on smoking) due to discoloration of teeth and to some extent Possibility of white ingredients such as rice, milk, yogurt, bread, etc.
  3. Avoid excessive consumption of colored substances such as coffee, tea, soft drinks, etc. and smoking, and after consuming each of these substances, swirl some water in your mouth and swallow. This will both prevent tooth decay and prevent tooth discoloration.
  4. Cold and heat allergies may persist for up to two months, even if there were no allergies before treatment. In this case, avoid eating hot and cold foods for two months. And eat lukewarm food. Use anti-allergy toothpaste to get rid of heat and cold allergies faster.
  5. There is no ban on brushing after scaling. Just brush gently for up to three days.
  6. In all likelihood, the corners of your lips may become sore due to the stretching of your lips. In this case, get a vitamin A-D ointment from a pharmacy and moisturize your lips three times a day.
  7. In all likelihood, you may have trouble swallowing food and opening your mouth for up to 10 days, which is normal and resolves over time.
  8. If you are not prescribed medication, take NOVAFEN if you have pain after repairing the capsule. This capsule is without a doctor’s prescription. The cause of the pain can be the sensitivity of the teeth or the devices that put pressure on your gums when the teeth are scaling.
  9. If medication is prescribed. Take all your medicines with a full glass of water from the corner of your mouth after one hour before the anesthetic wears off (because painkillers work for up to two hours), after one hour. Avoid taking Anahil tablets (pills to accelerate wound healing) on ​​the first day due to increased risk of bleeding.
  10. Visit the center every 6-12 months to check the gums and check for plaque on the teeth and other teeth. These checkups are very important and with these checkups, you can avoid tooth extraction that can be maintained with a neurosurgery treatment, and you can avoid tooth denervation that can be treated with a restoration, and in addition to reducing long-term costs, your oral health You also guarantee.
  11. The use of water jets is recommended for people who are prone to gum disease and diseases, to prevent gingivitis daily after a night toothbrush.
  12. If the medicine has been prescribed for you, click here for the instructions of the medicine that has been prescribed to you. Take your medications with a full glass of water and as much as possible with a full stomach (to prevent stomach pain). Take all medications as directed. Each of these instructions has a scientific reason, for example, taking prescribed painkillers is necessary despite the lack of pain because these painkillers have anti-inflammatory properties and prevent swelling and bruising of the face as much as possible.
  13. Read more about dental caries prevention and health educationhere.

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