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Smile design

What is a smile design? What is a tooth smile design? The most important factor in a person’s face, according to many beauty experts, is a person’s smile. The most important factor in a person’s face, according to many beauty experts, is a person’s smile. Only five percent of people in the community have an ideal smile plan from the beginning. You can see the effect of a smile in the photo below.

Photos of toothless actors

Hollywood Smile Design

What is a Hollywood tooth? What is the Hollywood Smile Plan? Ninety percent of Hollywood actors have modified their smile with methods of smiling design. Therefore, the ideal smile design is called Hollywood smile. Below is an example of Hollywood actors who have modified their smile design. The reason most Hollywood actors do this is because of the impact that modifying their smile design has on their social and economic relationships.

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Before and after photos of a number of Hollywood actors

Before and after photos of a number of Hollywood actors

What is a smile design modification? Changing a smile from a normal smile to an ideal smile is called modifying a smile design. This correction includes tooth color, tooth size and shape, tooth order and gum shape and height. There are several ways to modify your smile design, but most Hollywood actors and celebrities mostly choose a combination of ceramic laminate, orthodontics and gum lift to modify their smile design. Read below how to modify a smile design.

Smile design modification methods

Various methods are used to modify the design of the smile. Sometimes a combination of these methods is used. The following is a brief description of these types of methods:

  1. Laminate (correction of color, order and shape of teeth)
  2. Composite (correction of color, order and shape of teeth)
  3. Orthodontics (correcting the order of teeth)
  4. Bleaching (tooth color correction)
  5. Gum lift (adjusting the height of the gums and the gingival arch around the teeth)
  6. All-ceramic veneer (color correction, order and shape of teeth)

Usually celebrities and Hollywood actors choose from the above methods of laminating, orthodontics, gingival lift and sometimes a combination of these methods.

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Digital smile design

Smile design modification using smile simulation software is called digital smile design. In this way, your smile is designed in millimeters. In Dr. Bahman Pouraghdam’s dentistry, these methods are used and before performing the smile design, photos are taken from all angles of the respected clients.

Fancy smile design

The word fantasy means luxury. In fact, the meaning of the fantasy smile design is the ideal smile, which is explained in this section in different parts of how to change your smile from a normal smile to an ideal smile.

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Smile design photo

Below the photo of the smile plan, you can see a number of Dr. Bahman Pouraghdam’s dental clients who have modified their smile plan.

The best doctor to correct the smile design

In the personal opinion of Dr. Bahman Pouraghdam, the best doctor for correcting a smile design is a dentist who is familiar with various methods of correcting a smile design. Clients and members of the community can choose the best doctor from the portfolio of physicians and inquiries from clients of physicians’ offices.

The cost of a smile design

How much does a smile design cost? The cost of correcting a smile design and the price of a tooth smile design depends on the method used to correct the smile design. Of course, smile design modifications that are more durable and beautiful are the most cost-effective method in the long run despite the high cost. Note that modifying a principled smile design will reimburse the costs incurred in the long run. To see the cost of smile design, refer to the relevant pages of different methods of smile design modification. In topic number six of this page, the methods of correcting the smile design and the relevant link are explained.

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Complications of smile design correction

Effects of unprincipled correction of smile design;

  1. Inflammation and bleeding gums
  2. Inflammation and bleeding gums
  3. Lip filling
  4. Bad Breath

Modify the gingival smile design

In the ideal smile design, a small amount of gums is seen when smiling, and the gingival arch has a special shape around each tooth, and the height of the other teeth is the same as the gingival arch. Gum lift or gingival surgery is used to correct the design of the gingival smile. To get acquainted with this method, refer to the relevant page.

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